Dr. Mantak Yuen


Dr. Mantak Yuen is Associate Professor and Director, Center for advancement in Inlusive and Special Education, Faculty of Education, the University of Hong Kong (HKU). He is a Fellow of Hong Kong Psychological Society, a Fellow of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association, and is an executive committee member of the Asia-Pacific Federation on Giftedness. Dr. Yuen serves as Director of the Doctor of Education Program at HKU and has received the Educaiton Faculty Outstanding Student Research Supervisor Award. He coordinates the HKU Faculty of Education MEd course in Gifted Education and Talent Development, as well as Career Education and Counseling courses. He is the founding supervisor of the HKU Faculty of Education CAISE Program for Creativity and Talent Development. Dr. Yuen is a prolific writer who has published over 100 journal articles and book chapters. He has also edited several books and 6 journal special issues. He is the editor of Springer CAISE book series on Advancing Inclusive and Special Education in the Asia-Pacific. His current reserch focus is investigating links among students' life skills, career and talent development, self-efficacy, connectedness, and purpose and meaning in life. In particular he is interested in how these attributes can be enhanced through school-based counseling and talent development programs.

enlightenedSymposium Title:

Preparation of Teachers for Gifted Learners

enlightenedSymposium Description:

As the paradigm of giftedness and the context of gifted education change, so too the related preparation of teachers for gifted learners must change as well. These teachers can be better equipped with appropriate strategies and techniques if they undergo relevant training. This symposium consists of three presentations. First, a selective review will be provided of the characteristics and competencies of teachers of gifted learners, together with an overview of professional development intervention research findings. Strategies to enhance teachers' competencies, social connectedness and autonomy in working with gifted learners will be highlighted. Second, there will be a synthesis of the literature on teachers' beliefs and practices regarding the encouragement of students' creativity. Teachers need to be aware of the theories concerning how creativity can best be enhanced through creative teaching. This presentation will indicate how theory can be translated into practice by suggesting effective strategies for nurturing creativity in all learners. Third, a Master of Education program in Gifted Education and Talent Development will be explored from the perspectives of teachers and students. Practical issues related to determining the content, program design, and implementation will be highlighted. The symposium will conclude with a synthesis of key points fro the three presentations and discussion.

Invited Symposium- Dr Mantak Yuen