School Visit


Visit 1: Taipei Municipal Minsheng Elementary School
(classes for students gifted in the area of general intelligences) 

The gifted and advanced learning program at Minsheng Elementary School was founded 32 years ago, in 1985, as a decentralized resource program. Currently the program accommodates 75 students. 
1. Program Objectives: To meet the educational needs of the students by: providing students with activities and courses in multiple fields; encouraging students to explore in a variety of subjects; focusing on developing the interests and diverse talents of the students.
2. Program Design: The program was developed with Renzulli's Three-Ring Conception of Giftedness forming the core structure along with the comprehensive conception of giftedness to fit with the characteristics of the school and community. It stresses the unique characteristics of each student by proving specific courses that are suited to the educational qualities and needs of each student. 
3. Program Characteristics: The program stresses three aspects of education: content, processes, and results. Content includes a variety of subjects that gives students a chance to explore and make their own choices. Processes focus on methodology and training, fostering high-level cognitive abilities and problem-solving strategies. Results of study are similarly stressed to realize diversification of methods and encourage students to become engaged in research and presentation. 
The course’s four instructors all have certification in special education. In addition to being devoted to the design of the gifted and advanced program, the instructors are also engaged in research of gifted and advanced education and curricula with others scholars and the Taiwanese Ministry of Education. They continue to cultivate service and care, experience learning courses, and develop systematized curriculum-based education.





Visit 2: Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of University of Taipei
classes for students gifted in the area of general intelligences

Overview and Organization 
The gifted and advanced learning program of the Affiliated Experimental Elementary School was founded in 1975 and is tailored to students with advanced learning ability. Three classes of course are offered to students from the 3rd through the 6th grade that are taught by instructors with certification in gifted and advanced education.  
Content and Design
The program is built around Renzulli's Three-Ring Conception of Giftedness and integrates the three aspects of exploration, group training, and individual/small group discussion of real-world problems. Content includes language skills (Mandarin Chinese and English), mathematics, the natural sciences, information technology, and social science (special topic essays and mobile citizens). The interests of the students are the central focal points of the program. Students are guided in their study of specific topics through observation, reading and exploration, and critical thinking. Each course incorporates the three Qs (IQ, EQ, and AQ), which fosters in students a spirit of respect for their society; the courses allow students opportunities for self-development, life management, social participation, and problem solving.
Methods of Instruction
The instructor team developed its SHARE method of instruction based on design thinking. This method leads students through the learning process by feeling, imagining, implementing, reflecting, and sharing to foster the sentiment, creativity, and leadership qualities inherent in the 3Qs. It teaches the students to share their love through concrete actions and thus realize the school motto: “Acting in love and care. Upholding culture and feeling.” 




Visit 3: Taipei Municipal Renai Junior High School
 (classes for students gifted in the area of math and sciences) 

Introduction to Gifted and Talented Program (GATE) in math and science 
The GATE in Ren-Ai Junior High School started in 2010 when the development of school-based gifted program was initiated. Since 2016, the establishment of the GATE in Ren-Ai has provided appropriate opportunities to enrich gifted students’ math and science skills. Currently, 90 gifted students are led by 3 math teachers and 6 science teachers.
Our sufficient teaching spaces offers a variety of learning contexts and teaching equipment, including books, laboratory equipment, teaching aids, and technology. In addition, the program combines both internal and external resources. Among them, technology integrated instruction has always been one of Ren-Ai’s features.
The goal of the GATE in Ren-Ai is to cultivate gifted students’ mathematical creativity, scientific hands-on skills, and 5C skills: communication, collaboration, complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. Starting with basic concepts, our program goes more in depth with tougher assignments and a faster learning pace. Besides, GATE students are encouraged to participate in regional and national activities and exhibitions.




Visit 4: Taipei Municipal Jieshou Junior High School
(classes for students gifted in the area of math and sciences) 

Jieshou Junior High is located in Ming-seng Community, Songshan District, where cultural and educational highlights are emphasized. Parents not only show great concerns but also provide abundant resources for our school. Jieshou is a large school with 70 classes, about 1800 students and over 150 excellent teachers. We have implemented the gifted student plan at school since 2013, awarded the third consecutive excellent performance school for Chinese, English and Math. We are the only school to have this honor. Since 2017, we have been the coordinator for the Chinese part of the Gifted District Center Project. We design “Theme-based” courses for gifted students to enrich their ways of learning and to broaden their vision.
We have set up the Class for the Math and Science Gifted Students since 2016, based on cultivating “Multivariate Elites”, the vison of our school to enhance students’ creativity and to strengthen their potential for learning.The goals of the class are presented below:
(1) Seek gifted students for math and science and provide them with chances to develop adaptively.
(2) Design courses and teaching materials to meet the needs of the gifted students for math and science.
(3) Elevate students’ abilities of creativity, critical thinking, analysis, induction and independent research.
(4) Provide students chances of reflection and help them discover their interests through especially-designed courses.
(5) Integrate resources in the school and the community and make a better plan for the gifted education.






Visit 5: Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School
(classes for students gifted in the area of scholarship)

The gifted and advanced learning program in science and mathematics at Taipei Municipal Jianguo Middle School currently serves 180 students in three grades and six classes. Students in the program use their mathematical/scientific skills and abilities to perform specialized research in the topics of their choice. The program was founded in the hope that students can grow an interest in research and develop problem solving skills that will allow them to make contributions to the sciences. It also provides students who are interested in science and mathematics with a platform to discuss their interests with similarly minded classmates. Both in class and after, students have the opportunity to discuss problems with their instructors and peers.  
The gifted and advanced learning program in humanities and social sciences currently serves 70 students in three grades and three classes. The program includes study of basic subjects as well as a more intense study of subjects in the humanities and social sciences. It fosters in students good values and builds their ability to think diversely and broadly. Theoretical and practical methods from the humanities and social sciences are applied in the program to help students understand and criticize the world around them with empathy and rigor and to cultivate skills like creative thinking, problem solving, and value judgement. It may be stereotypical to think that males are more likely to study science and engineering, but students of Jianguo Middle School in the humanities and social science fields have the opportunity to choose their own domain. Our educational methods should allow the humanitarian spirit to grow rather than become impoverished; our society needs students willing to think with more breadth and depth, just like students from Jianguo Middle School.





Visit 6: Taipei Municipal Fuxing Senior High School
classes for students gifted in the area of arts)

Taipei Municipal Fu-Xing Senior High School was founded in 1953. As the first public high school established after the Recovery from Japanese Colonization, the main aims of our school have been to create a happy, caring, and co-operative school community to facilitate our students to pursue individual exquisiteness and variety under the philosophy of holistic education. Four artistic classes, including music, fine arts, drama, and dance, were set up in 1997. Being the most comprehensive artistic division among all the Taiwanese public high schools so far, Fu-Xing exclusively owns a seven-story architecture, assisting our students winning medals and awards in numerous art contests and exhibitions every year. In addition, Fu-Xing has been the winner of Ministry of Education’s Award for Contributions to Arts Education for four years in a row (2014-2017), recognizing our outstanding achievements and leadership in artistic education in Taiwan.
Besides developing student’s artistic potential along with their fundamental academic capabilities, the Department of Arts provides different workshops, extracurricular activities, and international exchange programs for students to attend as well, with a view to assisting our students to raise their aspirations within and to strive for personal excellence in everything they do.